This is a place for creatives to grow and improve

There was a time, where product design was as common as owning a Macbook Pro. A time where bevel and embos was the coolest tool to use in Photoshop. A time where a UI wallet had the smoothest leather look.

Today, product design has evolved into being the “make it or brake it” for SaaS tools around the world. Less people want to be rockstars and more people want to be UI & UX designers.

A clear and understandable design and platform is the key to success. But many designers struggle with getting proper feedback early in the process.

Allow us to introduce you to justpx

What are we building?

Our platform is for everyone in the creative community. An invite only platform for designers to showcase their WIP projects and get proper feedback from other talented people in the industry.

Gone are the days where you have to learn the in’s & out’s of an algorithm, to rank higher and get more visits, or join a paid team plan to get your shot boosted on the discover page.

justpx values quality content. That’s how simple it is. We encourage our users to start valuable conversations about their work and how to improve it.

Why are we building it?

So “do we really need another platform for designers?” you might ask. The answer is yes; but only if we can solve a problem.

We’ve talked with many creatives who desperately need a platform for feedback from people in their space. A community where you can brainstorm with one another and create an even better result.

We want designers & creatives to stand closer together and create the perfect envoirment for people to open up and trust each other.

No more trolls or posting for personal gain. This platform is for everyone interested in driving the love for digital design, we all have in common.

How we are picturing it working

The platform is very simple. We base everything on our voting system and trust our commity in making the best out of it. You can upvote uploaded shots but also other peoples comments.

Upvoting is for whenever people are on a roll. If you see someone getting better and better for every upload, give them an upvote! If someone is giving good feedback, give them an upvote!

Downvoting is for when you see something that shouldn’t be on the platform. See someone spamming unrelated designs, give them a downvote. If you see someone being toxic or unhelpful in the comments, give them a downvote.

Right now we have opened up for early signups. So if you wanna be helpful to other creatives, then please sign up with your email underneath👇

Join our community

Join other talented designers and creatives and start giving and receving feedback. Let’s build the best platform for creatives together!