Why we should create a custom theme for you

WordPress initially began in 2003 as a platform created with a code to aid in the presentation of written work published online by bloggers. Since then it has become one of the world’s most popular and highly influential platforms for control management systems (CMS) for website content and complicated portals.

No longer just for the casual or professional blogger, WordPress is being used by businesses, companies, organizations, and groups of interests, and many others to share their content, ideas, products, and information globally over the internet in more than 70 different languages.

It is also a platform that is so flexible that it can be used a magazine or your own online digital portfolio or photoblog.


Almost a quarter of the internet is dominated by WordPress and this control is steadily growing as more individuals begin to use this powerful tool.

There are limitless possibilities as new themes, widgets, and plug-ins for numerous applications and purposes are continuously being developed by the community as well as amateur and pro developers.

Those with the necessary knowledge and an understanding of code can tweak and alter WordPress to extend existing options into other branches or create new options. Their creations can be showcased for the use of the general public and business to download for usage to create or revamp any website easily and quickly.

WordPress is also designed for SEO optimization ensuring that your website will be found, picked up and ranked by any search engine requests using the relevant keywords and phrases.


Anyone that uses WordPress, whether you a professional trader wishing to inform the public of your new products or a stay at home parent that want to share experiences and tips that can help others in raising their kids, the WordPress theme used is very important.

There are two default themes available in WordPress, but if they are not what you require then there are hundreds of different options, both simple and advanced, that you can browse through in the directory to find the most suitable for your requirements. Various add-ons and extensions can be utilized for fine-tuning and perfecting of your website but this will also depend on the capabilities of the theme that you have chosen and what is supported.

Visual Aspects

The first thing that a visitor sees when viewing your site is obviously aesthetics. This is the look of the site, the color scheme, the layout, headings, font background and numerous other aspects that create the feel of the site. First impressions last and they will immediately judge you on this.

Your theme choice will help represent your website in regards to your individuality and purpose. Some themes will provide you with options are provided for personalization like adding your own photos as a background, choosing color combinations, inserting sidebars and the font style and size used in headings and texts.

Website Compatibility

Some people do not consider this but it is, however, very important in obtaining the optimization of your website. Technology and modern lifestyle mean peoples are using their mobile devices more and more when browsing the web.

Your website might look as beautiful, striking or as professional as you like when viewed from your PC – but will it look as good on a mobile device? Remember that different devices have screens in all sizes.

It is not only the device used to access the site that changes the way it is but the type of browser, even from the same device, has an impact here as well.

The way that your website is designed does not only affect its appearance when accessed from different devices, but the speed that it takes to upload will also vary. Most people lose interest if a site takes too long to load and they will move onto the next. This could lose you many potential clients or a new follower if your website is for non-business purposes. Uploading can be caused by compatibility issues or a number of changes you have made when personalizing and tailoring your website.


We are a company experienced in creating custom themes developed for specific purposes. You may feel overwhelmed or inexperienced by the more technical side in selecting the theme perfect for you. It could be possible that you don’t have the time or patience to go through hundred of themes to pick and choose and perfect through trial and error. Perhaps you are not exactly sure what you need and, therefore, cannot decide what sort of theme you should actually be considering. Whatever the reason may be this is why we should create a custom WordPress theme for you.

Our experienced and dedicated team will know exactly how to match and create whatever you need or desire. We guarantee fewer hassles for you, saved time and the elimination of frustrations in getting the capabilities that you want. You will immediately be able to get down to the most thing and that is to start posting and creating your website content.

If you would like to have a look at free themes our top developers have created visit JustPX on Wordpress. You can search in regards to specific functions using our feature filter. You can also choose to view the newest creations and featured themes for our directory. Preview the theme before download.

Feel free to contact us should you wish to have your theme more uniquely tailored to suit your purpose.

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