Needed Tips for WordPress Beginners

WordPress popularity has reached to a whole new level, The New update WordPress 3.5 is about to launch and already created quite a buzz in the industry as this update brought a whole bunch of new features in the WordPress. All these reasons has lead to the increase in number new users who are using this outstanding CMS for their web development needs. So, we thought that why not help all the upcoming users of WordPress with the pointers that can help them to build an effective and successful WordPress website with quality traffic. Here are some points that will Guide - How to use wordpress for beginners at its maximum potential:

Don't be afraid to Experiment

Many new WordPress users tend to get scared that they might break their website if they play around with the back-end. However, breaking the website stands a very less chance even when you work on the back-end and if you end up breaking the website still you can restore all the default settings with a simple fix. So don't be afraid to work on the back-end of website, as the more you know about how your website works, the easier it will become to update and maintain your website.

Quality Triumphs Quantity

Quality always triumphs quantity, while creating a website or blog one must remember that you attain quality traffic rather than only quantity. What would be more favorable for your website 40 visitors who browse through your homepage and leave or 10 visitors that browse through your entire website, read your blog posts, bookmark your pages and even buy some service from your websites. Surely the second option would be more beneficial for any website. Therefore, one must focus on improving the quality of their website by posting unique and engaging content as it will increase your awareness not only in the community but in your industry.

Plugin Overload

Plugins are a wonderful thing. They have one for everything from changing your font size and color to sharing your posts to your social media accounts. Although they are a great tool to use, be careful not to use too many. When you first went to the plugin directory at it was like a kid at Christmas. It was downloading just about all of them. You have since learned to only use the plugins you actually need and to be sure they all get along. Sometimes you do get plugins that don't play nice together. If you notice a problem on your site after installing a new plugin, just deactivate the plugin and see if it fixes the problem.

Update Your Site and Blog Regularly

Remember that WordPress website needs regular maintenance. But you don't need to worry as one great thing about WordPress is that anyone with basic know-how of HTML can maintain their websites easily. You can easily update your blogs, images, content and contact information etc. without any technical support, all by yourself. One must always update their websites and blog, as Google search bots also considers factors like blog entry, added pages or video or even comments from viewers and blog readers before ranking your website. Updating your website helps to attain a better position in the search engine rankings and increase traffic of your website.

Backup your files

This may sound like a no brainer but it's amazing how often this is overlooked. Grab a plugin that automatically backs up your files on a daily or weekly basis. Even if, right now, you have no idea how to restore a database or a backup file don't worry about it. Just make sure you setup a backup process. If you encounter a catastrophic problem with your site, and you've got backups in place, then you'll only risk losing a day or two of work. If you don't you could be totally out of luck.

Automate Social Sharing

Social media must play an integral part of your website. There are many options for social sharing plugins so every time you post, it will be shared with your social media followers. There are also plugins that will allow your visitors to easily share your content on their social pages. Be sure to use these plugins to your advantage.

Keep a clean copy

Once you start getting comfortable you'll probably get the urge to start editing some of your files. Often the first place users start to edit is by adding or removing something from their theme files. Nothing wrong with this as messing around is how most of us learn the ropes. If you are going to edit a file, however, always make sure to save a clean copy somewhere before doing anything. This way when (and I do mean when) you get in over your head and really mess something up typically all you need to do is upload the clean file and everything should go back to normal.

Know Your Capabilities

It's quite important that one must acknowledge their limitations and understand that what they are capable of, so if you want to customize your websites or blogs to a whole new level it's quite crucial that you hire service of professional WordPress developers. There are bunch of WordPress service providers in the industry that can create superb WordPress blogs and websites at nominal cost so choose such professionals wisely.

Posts and Pages

Pages and posts are different and should be treated as such. A page is static which simply means it is fixed. The page displays the same to each visitor because the information is embedded in the HTML code. A post is dynamic which means visitors can interact with the content and it can consistently change. Your static pages should be like permanent webpages - About Us, Privacy Policy, i.e., any content that you want to remain constant.

Remember Your Footer

Unfortunately many people overlook the footer at the bottom of the page. This is where you want to add your copyright and/or business information or other pertinent information or links. Be sure to keep it up to date as well. Many people will make it a point to check the footer for information and to see if the site is up to date.

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