Guide to become a great blogger in a few steps.

This is a question a lot of people ask themselves even I did when was a child, always thinking a blogger needed to have a very good office, a very fast computer with an amazing Internet speed and a quiet environment, well I am glad that my imagination was wrong, as being a blogger is as easy as say 1,2,3.

Maybe at one point or another you have considered being a blogger which is amazing in case you love writing and sharing your thoughts through the Internet or a company, but maybe you realized it’s not that easy as there are thousands of blogs up there abandoned to the Internet having a few weeks or months of being created.

But let me give you a golden advice here, if one day you decided to start in the controversial world of the blogosphere, be prepared that you just started an adventure that will not be easy, but never give up because the truth is everything necessary depends on oneself, if you really love what you are doing of course hard times will come, allow me to share with you some tricks I learnt on my way before being a blogger.

  1. Define your objective.

You need to be honest with yourself first before thinking in creating a blog, a lot of people in a piece of paper write down the following questions which are:

  1. Why do you want to have a blog?

  2. Is there a topic you are good with?

  3. Do you possess knowledge?

  4. Is this about your life?

  5. Do you love writing?

Every blogger has their personal reasons to start a blog, most of them do it for fun, and others wish to create an online marketing business, but always remember to focus in the reason that inspired you to start a blog.

  1. Define your audience.

We have a lot of experts, gurus and fans who decide to specialize in a subject or why not in several, their eye-catching content is what will define them.

The subject you choose is extremely important, let’s assume you are a Hollywood films lover, you have a great sense for critics knowing the actors, directors and the plot as well, based in what you saw you can provide an honest review of that movie in particular, keep in mind there will be people who agreed with you and others that will not but that is ok, this is part of democracy at least they are interacting with your content.

  1. Have something to tell.

A lot of people focus in quantity but not quality let’s take the same example we did with the movie, imagine you do not have anything to say but decided to write something to have more articles on your blog, but deep down you do not feel this is correct, guess what people can tell this is not good.

I do follow some bloggers and I can tell when they write something they did not put their heart and mind on it, the funny part as you are a blogger readers can ask questions or suggest topics, most of the cases they will tell you the article was not as usual, the blogger in some cases will admit they were having a hard time but promising a new article with quality.

There is no shame if you do not have anything to write, that is ok you do not need to write 24/7 unless you are working for a company and they provide you the headlines, but for personal blogging it is alright to take your time.

  1. Be patience.

Even greatest bloggers were unknown once, they did their best in writing articles with a huge passion and from time to time disappointment came as nobody was interacting with their publication, not even a comment.

But the key is patience, writing must be something you truly love to do, do not be afraid to publish your articles in your personal social media, let your friends, family and people who know you see your work, trust me we have been in that road, of course if you are planning to make a living of your passion think this is a goal you need to accomplish, give your best and never settle.

  1. Break your limits.

You are already doing your best writing about those films you saw, maybe those movie trailers advertised as they will be soon playing, but this does not mean you need to focus only in this topic.

I know people who started with a topic and decided to add more as they were doing new things in their life, the feedback they received was incredible as this allowed them to write something else and more people were engaged with the content.

Fitness is a big topic, personally I was overweight then I decided to eat clean, workout more and decided to share with my readers, the feedback I received was mind blowing, as this was something new but in the same time a lot of people needed that help

By removing my limitations I was able to reach more people who were very interested in what I have to say or opine, even gave some tips and tricks as well, helping others feels amazing as a blogger.

  1. A web platform and a domain.

A lot of new bloggers decide to sign up with the free Google blogger platform as it is too easy to create, no programming needed and they will do this as a hobby, but keep in mind the name you will choose will be proceed by Google extension or another provider who provide a free blog platform.

In case you are thinking to make a living with your blog, I recommend using WordPress one of the best and useful sites you will find on the Internet, you can use it for free or paid version, regarding about the programming there are thousands of tutorials explaining how to set it up.

Allow me to share a link with amazing WordPress themes, they are all designed to be spectacular in your blog, as previously mentioned WordPress is one of the best platforms out there and the most used for newbies and experts bloggers.

Final words.

A blogger is a person who loves to write articles, keep in mind we do have a responsibility as we are influencers and content creators as well, the readers will follow our blog expecting to find useful information we must be creative, professional and accurate as possible to not let their expectations down.

Enjoy writing of that topic that makes you happy, always improve and learn as much as possible, keep in mind we all started from zero.

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