SEO tools are popping up like crazy and has been for quite a while, but where should you focus your efforts? SEO tools are crazy expensive. A good tool will cost you anywhere between $50 and $300 per month, and yes you will need a few different ones.

So if you don’t have unlimited funds for tools like us we found a few must-haves that you will need to use every day. We are not talking agency level needs but as a regular e-commerce owner, blogger or small business.

Obviously, we all have very different goals when it comes to SEO and I will not go into details regarding strategies and how you should work with daily SEO, I would much rather let the experts deal with all that. Non the less I will give you some advice on which tools you should consider as part of your business tools package.

Google Webmaster Console:

I felt like I had to include this tool even though it should be completely given that this would be part of your SEO toolbox. Google offers a free tool where you as a site owner can signup and sees who links to you, even what keywords have generated traffic to your site as well as where your results are placed in the list. I will not go too much into details with this tool, but it’s vital and free for you to use.



Ahrefs will give you the upper hand when it comes to linkbuilding and external link research. In our humble opinion this is a must have.

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Moz is an alternative to Ahrefs, both tools are really quite similar so its largely a quiestion of habit, it is however a truth that Moz has less data to make their calulations from.


Majestic is again an alternative to both Moz and Ahrefs. Majestic standout a little from the other tools since they are able to better categorize domains, which again makes it easier to identify linkbuilding potential.


If you are working on the wordpress platform, do take a look in to Yoast which is the killder plugin for your wordpress installation, they take the heavy lifting.


If you want to know your rankings are performing accurank is a great tool that allows you to follow your position of defined keywords, you can even get notifications about position changes.