I apologize if this is going to sound like a sales pitch for slack but honestly, we love and use Slack daily, and that might come across in this article.

There is an adage that says teamwork makes
the dream work. This is true on the field and through communication. Today,
teams work remotely. You don’t need to be in the same physical location to
carry out tasks. Companies have cut down on costs of physical workspaces this
way. However, how do people communicate? Conventionally, emails have been used,
texts and calls. The mail with time then becomes too much to go through and the
texts and calls, well…people may ignore them. Slack is an online business tool
that makes the teamwork seamless. Communication is very efficient and no junk
at all. You can call it the professional business space online. Virtual offices
unlimited if you may.

Why Slack? We all have email addresses for
work purposes. That is all you need to start using this platform. To get
started, you set up your team name that will be the name for your slack
account. This gives you a custom URL that anyone who is to access the team will
use. You then have a username for co-workers to recognise you and you can set
up your password. Afterwards, you get to invite the people you would like on
the conversation via email.

Whether submitting reports, reviewing a
contract, polishing up on submissions and checking progress on a project, Slack
is the ideal workspace. Firstly, it can be used on your laptop or PC. It is
also compatible with your smartphone, both Android, and iOS. This makes it easy
for team members to plug in from anywhere and at any time. Delivery is
guaranteed or at least improved with such an arrangement.

If you have used other social means of
communication, this will be easy to use. Conversations can be organized through
channels you create. People get to see what is carried out in that channel.
Therefore, you can have channels for projects and topics being carried out. You
can narrow down communication to private channels. Only the pertinent team
members will be able to communicate on private channels. Moreover, you can have
direct messages with team leaders of projects or also project members.

As aforementioned, communication on the
channels makes projects and tasks be worked on easily. What though makes Slack
ideal for business? It has business tools. Literally. In the conversations, you
can share, drag and drop files. This includes spreadsheets, images, PDFs and
any relevant files for the task at hand. It is also possible to search for the
files later on. Other platforms may be used to store files such as Dropbox and
Google Drive. It is possible to link the relevant links and access them. With
this in mind, you are able to sync any other apps that you have been using as
business tools. This way, you get notifications directly within Slack. It is
also possible to have your own integrations. This means if you have your own
bot, you can sync it. Really a solution finder with Slack.

At times notifications slow one down. With
Slack, it is possible to set a preference for notifications. This enables you to
focus on what works for you. You get to minimize the notifications to channels
and keywords too. When notifications are in bulk, you may miss out on something
important. Having set preferences, you are in tune and notified of everything
that is going on.

For business people, price matters. You may
wonder what is the cost to this. For small businesses, Slack can work on the
free version. The features are standard. However, if you are a large business,
more communication and more capacity may be required. Slack offers a per-month
billing option at different prices. You get to decide what arrangement suits
you. This is way better than having to meet people in person as you save both
time and money.

The unlimited ability to integrate other platforms makes it stand out. With most SaaS, there
is a limit to the number of apps that can be synced. As a business, you may
have different departments having preferences that are varied. Slack may most
likely than not cater for all your needs. The ability and collaboration of Slack
is undoubtedly an industry changer.

Whether Science, business, software or
whatever sphere and scope you are in, Slack is ideal. Writers are the ones who
have in the past been known to work remotely. With time however, different
industry players got into consultation. With the rise in number of start-ups,
having physical office locations may be expensive. The rates for offices have
definitely gone up due to demand and the supply is limited. What better way to
cut down on costs than running your firm virtually? You still maintain your
professionalism and remain relevant in your undertakings.

As the admin of a Slack team, you are able
to control the behaviour of members on your channels. You can set the rules and
set out hashtags to be used in case files are to be shared or inquiries are to
be made. You are able to monitor how people carry themselves. Transparency is
important in business. Slack provides it in a limitless fashion. No underhand
deals or excuses. Team communication is open an everyone can access it. It
makes management easier and more efficient.

Slack as an app is not bulky. This is good
news for the smartphone users. You are able to have your office move around
with you. It is also possible to have Slack calls in case typed out information
is not getting the point home. This is also ideal in case the team members are
on the move and quick communication needs to be conveyed.

Slack makes communication and virtual
offices professional. You cut down on costs and utilise a service that works
for you.