Welcome to JustPX!

If you are into SaaS and are eager to find the right tools in the true jungle we see out there you have come to the right place.

I started this blog after using countless hours with various tools during my career in online marketing. At least once a week i stumble on a new clever tool which at least according to the developer could save me tons of time or money.

Navigating through that jungle and even just staying up to date has become sort of a hassle, at least that’s how I feel.

This blog was created to give you an overview and possibly advice on what you should focus on. Let’s face it, with the number of tools out there, it’s hard to figure out where you should allocate you time and money.

I know several companies who have one or more dedicated employees just maintaining 3rd party tools. I am sure you use at least a 10 tools if not more already, but where does it end? The answer: It doesn’t.

Hopefully, this blog will provide insights so you at least will be able to prioritize or even discover new tools.

I have created a section on this site called “Editors notes” in this category I will bluntly comment on SaaS tools, general tech news and whatever else I would find interesting.

Let me know if you have interesting topics you think I should talk about, and always let me know if you have any good stories or products you feel we should talk about on this blog.

Lots of love
Nicolai Thomsen – The Editor.