It’s no secret that Facebook Ads has had a surge of new advertisers constantly for a long time. Most of my costumes now in b2b of b2c are allocating more budget towards facebook compared to Google, resulting in harsher competition. Since Facebook just like Google Adwords is based on an auction system the price keeps getting jacked up for each new advertiser fighting for the same users on Facebook.  We have seen CPM’s (Cost per 1000 impressions) raise more then double and of course the CPC (Cost per click) is raised comparably.

Now you cant do much to change the cost of advertising, well you can try and call up Facebook and ask for a discount. Let me tell you a secret: “It fucking won’t happen”I dare you to try… And if you succeed, please do not tell anyone else but me how you did it 🙂

So how can you game this issue, this method is so simple that you will most likely do it and not tell anyone that you did not already have it implemented.

Here it comes…


Are you ready for it?


Add links in your description! – Yes, that’s it.

Whether its a post you are promoting or an actual ad, make sure that in the last part of the description to have a link to your website.

My initial thoughts were, well we already have a button and a link underneath the video or picture people will easily figure it out. Still, we were not totally convinced so we ran a test, two identical ads one with a link and one without a link, and the results were staggering.


No link: CTR 0.44%
With link: CTR 0,80%

Resulting in almost doubling conversions for the ad with a link. We ran this test against more than 400.000 people (reach) for a month each.

This is an easy way to make much more revenue or basically double your ROAS (return of ad spend) without having to pay more then what you are already doing.

Hope you find this useful, and feel free to comment,