Ahrefs.com has to date the most extensive crawled index aside from of course the search engines themselves. In fact, Ahrefs has over 12 trillion links in their index and are crawling over 6 billion pages every single day, which we find quite impressive.

So why should you want to use Ahrefs? What do you care if they are crawling load of websites? You should care because all this data is vital for link research.


What ahrefs has done is to try to copy how Google rank pages and domains by using their vast index. It’s not bulletproof since Google has so many more resources than basically any tool, but it comes close, at least you can use their data to validate if links are good or bad or anything in between.

URL rank and Domain rank indicators from Ahrefs
URL rank and Domain rank indicators from Ahrefs

Ahrefs ranks each domain on a score from 1-100 called Domain Rank. This is the closest you will get to Google’s own redacted PageRank indicator. Your domain score makes it possible to get an idea of how well your domain link profile is compared to other domains.

Ahrefs also rank each individual page on your website using an algorithm that will determine how well each of your individual pages is ranked. This metric will be the one that gives you the best indication of how well your page will rank.

Everyone says that content is king, we would argue that content is queen, links are the king! But that just our humble opinion 🙂

Aside from allowing you the knowledge of how good your website external link structure is, Ahrefs also allows you to see how well your domain ranks globally or at least within the Ahrefs index. All websites is ranked and by using this number you can see if your website is number x out of all the websites in the Ahrefs index, its nice to know, however not directly useful.

Ahrefs global rank

At this moment you would see that justpx.com ranks 30.454 globally. Now let’s do a little quiz, who do you think ranks number 1? :)I will tell you later in this post.

These numbers are all fluid and will change constantly since the internet is changing. The metrics will change as soon as a new link is found, which makes this tool very cool, you can track your SEO performance from month to month.

Other neat tools

The anchor cloud will give you a very nice overview of how your links are anchored and since penguin, this has never been more important to keep track of.

They keyword explorer will allow you to make a search for a keyword and see how big the competition is and how much it will require of backlinks to rank your own page for the keyword. It will also outline your competitors for the keyword.

Link building Ahrefs also gives you tools to do link-building, for instance, see all broken links to your site or your competitors. You can even use the content explorer to identify content where people mention your or whatever keyword you want to rank on and use this for an outreach campaign.


Ahrefs is a very expensive tool it will cost you around $100 for the light plan every month, the standard plan is $179 which is quite expensive, but can very well be worth it if you are a serious marketer or growth hacker. They do have a 7-day trial you can use to check it out before committing to a monthly plan.

You can sign up right here: ahrefs.com


We recommend you to also check out the competitors: Moz.com and Majestic.com which are both quite similar to Ahrefs.

Quiz answer

I promised you an answer to the quiz above, the anwser is: (Drumroll…..) Facebook.com